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You Know You're a Halloween-o-holic When...

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Is Halloween your favorite holiday? With Christmas right around the corner, we got to wondering - what makes a Halloween Lover into a Halloween-o-holic? If you're already a Halloween-o-holic, then you already know the signs, but if you're still in limbo between Halloween lover and Halloween Addict, well, we thought it would be fun to show you what the sure-fire signs of being a Halloween-o-holic are.

You Know You're a Halloween-o-holic When...

  • You Head to Retailers on November 1st to Buy Halloween Clearance, Not Christmas Decor & Gifts.

  • You Treat Halloween as a Season, Not as a One Day Affair.

  • Your House is Known as "The Best One on the Block" by Trick or Treaters.

  • You Start Planning Your Halloween Costume Over the Summer, So That This Year's DIY is Iconic.

  • Your Lawn Display is Movie-Studio Quality and Spooktakular, Whether Your Neighbors Like It or Not.

  • You Start Your Halloween Decorating the First Week of September.

  • You Put Off Taking Down Your Halloween Decorations "For Just One More Week" All Throughout November.

  • Your Favorite "Christmas Movie" is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • At Least One Trick or Treater Runs Away Crying When They See Your Scary Costume.

  • Even Your Pet Gets a Halloween Costume.
  • You Get "The Post Halloween Blues" After "The Halloween Season" has Passed.

  • You Craft, Build, and DIY Your Own Decor, Props and Gear for Halloween.

  • You Won't Live in Neighborhoods with HOAs, Because You KNOW They'll Cramp Your Halloween Style, and Poo-Poo Your Sweet Yard Displays.

  • You Proudly Show Off Your "Halloween Clearance Hauls" on Social Media When Everyone Else is Sharing Cutsie Thanksgiving & Christmas Pics.

  • You Get Pressed Over the Christmas Merch Being Rolled Out in Stores Before Halloween, Especially When Halloween Stuff is Already Getting Sold Out.

  • You Know You're a Halloween-o-holic When You Read a Checklist to Make SURE You're a Halloween-o-holic, and that the Author Got the List Right.

Are You a Halloween-o-holic? What Makes You Love the Spookiest Holiday of the Year So Much?
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